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you dont just play the sims. you go on a sims binge for three days straight then put the game down for 5 months

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iminfectionimhuman asked: Happy birthday! (:

Thanks darlin :)

Happy birthday to me.

Early birthday present. Awh yiss. #marcjacobs

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bring back bands like sum 41 and blink 182 and the starting line bc the lack of teenage white boys with spiked hair and polo shirts singing about girls way out of their league in today’s society is upsetting 

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i’m crying

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honestly i bet the fucking x files intro sequence was actually just the powerpoint slideshow mulder showed to skinner when he was pitching the idea of the x files re-opening to him

music and all

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i don’t read “uwu” as a smiley face in my head i read it as “ooo woo”

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