I’m gonna be in a pretty pissy mood for the next 4 weeks cos I go back on night shift tonight and I’m not particularly happy about it.

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Steal His Look: David Duchovny

Gourmet Sesame Hamburger Bun - $4


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rob bowman + silhouettes (the x-files)

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Mozzarella does her best impression of a sausage.

I just love how after he asks if it’s a sausage, it looks down like “oh shit! I am a sausage :o”

"Are you a sausage?"
"*cats looks down and back up* yah"

I love it when cats open their mouths wide open and all that comes out is a small peep

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Why in sweet merciful Jesus did I wear a leotard to this gig?
Toilets breaks are a nightmare.
I am drunk and have the hiccups.

at Cill Airne Boat Bar

Only spent €9.40 this year in comparison to last years €13. #selfcontrol #oktoberfestdublin


"I want to be a visual artist, but the art world seems to be much more about politics than it is about talent. You have to continually go to galleries and events, so that you can shake the right hands and meet influential people. Extroverted artists seem to have a big advantage."

(Mexico City, Mexico)


The Adorable Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi behind the scenes of 4x08 Paper Hearts

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i’d be so alone without you, maybe you’d be lonesome too…and blue

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reality is girls have stretch marks and instead of shaming and photo shopping people should accept and embrace it.

I really fucking love this.

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well that doesn’t seem to be working.

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Genuinely listened to nothing else all week.