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I am now watching this and I don’t know what’s going on.

all i want now’s a twix

Who does that?
Who in their right mind keeps their opaque shower curtain fully closed in the bathroom when no ones using it?
Are you trying to give yourself a heart attack?
I can’t handle this shit.

Fuck this film.
20 minutes in and I’ve already what about 10 bricks.

Currently watching.

This is very odd altogether and I don’t think I’m afraid anymore cos shits getting kinda ridiculous.
15 minutes left to redeem yourself, movie.

Excuse me while I watch Insidious 2 on my own.

I am BROKEN after this film.

I’m 7 years late to the party, but I am BROKEN.

So then I watched this, which didn’t improve the situation at all.
Rob is a dick.

I hate everything.

So I decided to torture myself for a few hours earlier.
Yeah it was really good, but I chose the worst time to watch it.

Well, that was an experience.

Is that a lobster or a centipede you just gave birth to?

Why is she fellating that priest

I have no idea what’s going on and I am very frightened.

Currently watching.

Finally watched A Night at the Roxbury last night.
Breath taking movie, so touching.

What IS love?